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London Drum Lessons

Private one-to-one or small group drum lessons in Ealing, London

£35 per hour.

Online Drum Lessons

Zoom drum lessons or Skype drum lessons. Learn from home.

from £35 per hour


West African Drumming, mixed percussion and live band workshops.

£50 per hour

Music Production Lessons

Group lessons or one-to-one production lessons. Online production lessons also available

from £35 per hour

Why Learn ?

The benefits of learning to play

Express yourself, be creative, improve your confidence, co-ordination, your communication skills, and learn to work and play better in a group. Drumming can help students improve their mental health and I welcome students from all backgrounds, with any level of need or special requirements. Learn a new vocabulary through the language of music. 


“It was a pleasure knowing you and Sunaabh is very lucky to get you as his instructor and he will always appreciate you for what you have taught him. As they say: ‘A truly great mentor is hard to find, difficult to part with and impossible to forget.”
Parul Trivedi
"Mike is a first rate practitioner who is able to demonstate technical difficulties in a clear and concise way. He is a conscientious and thoughtful teacher who always puts the needs and concerns of the pupils first. I can strongly recomment his all-round abilities as a professional percussion teacher."
Ben Sugden
Harrow Music Service
“I can’t even stop thinking about music. You have knocked my feet off. My heart is still smiling. All your music makes me feel enchanted.”
Year 3 Student
Percussion Programme